Sedation Dentistry


“I have seen tremendous benefit utilizing anesthesia in dentistry for children and adults. I have seen everyday men and women who are absolutely terrified of dentistry – some because of negative childhood dental experience – who are calmly sedated by me and who awake to have their dentistry completed. I have seen the frustration of the parents of a mentally and physically disabled adult patient who is unable to care for himself, refuses help, and is uncooperative. However, I have seen frustration turn into relief, satisfaction and joy when parents see – for the first time in years – a clean and healthy mouth after this patient was efficiently sedated and given a thorough exam including x-rays, cleaning, and fillings. Also, I have three children of my own – a daughter and two sons – and treating children is very close to my heart. No scary needles or shots. Children calmly breathe mild anesthetic gas and drift into unconsciousness. Even extensive treatment can be done in about 1-2 hours while the child is asleep. It is very rewarding to me to help solve the dentistry problem for these and many more patients.”

Dr. Watkins has been an active member of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology since 2003. Patient info from ASDA can be found at

Who qualifies for sedation dentistry at Dreamtime Dentistry?

  • Children whose condition or behavior prevents the successful delivery of conventional dental treatment using only local anesthetic or nitrous oxide.
  • People with disabilities or conditions that prevent them from caring for themselves or cooperating with dental treatment.
  • People with severe gag reflex.
  • People needing much dental treatment done in one appointment.
  • People with dental anxiety/phobia.
  • Individuals who prefer to not experience dental procedures while awake.


We are trained in innovative sedative dentistry techniques and procedures and possess the most advanced anesthesia monitoring and dental treatment technology. For instance, technologically advanced patient monitors allow up-to-the second vital signs monitoring and Kodak Digital sensors facilitate accurate diagnosis and successful treatment. Our innovative equipment does not only provide the best care but allows treatment to be completed in fewer appointments. For example, children needing many cavities filled, extractions, crowns and space-maintainers can have everything done in one appointment when treated with general anesthesia.


Dr. Ryan Watkins has many years of experience working with individuals who have special healthcare needs. From the completely combative uncooperative mentally disabled patient to the paralyzed quadriplegic patient, Dr. Watkins has experience to manage a wide variety of patients with special needs. Dreamtime Dentistry works closely with caregivers/parents to create individualized and effective oral care plans. Dreamtime Dentistry is the foremost special needs dentist Carlsbad, CA has to offer.

For individuals who are not able to provide their own care, Dreamtime Dentistry’s services include:

  • Prevention of dental disease services
  • Home care instruction for caregivers
  • Diagnosing and treating services
  • General anesthesia in the practice setting


Dental Anesthesiology at Dreamtime Dentistry provides dental treatment solutions for patients with special healthcare needs with conditions that include: Acute reaction to stress, ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, Anxiety, Autism, Behavior disorders,Cerebral palsy, Congenital malformations, Downs Syndrome, Difficulty opening mouth for long periods, Difficulty sitting for long periods, Difficulty getting numb, Severe gag reflex, Allergy to local anesthetics, Low pain threshold, Mental Retardation, Multiple Sclerosis, Phobia, Seizures, and others.

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