Ryan P Watkins, D.D.S.

Anesthesiology & Family Dentistry located in Carlsbad Village, Carlsbad, CA & Vista, CA

About Dr. Watkins

Ryan Watkins, DDS, is a caring and knowledgeable dentist with additional training in anesthesiology. He provides high-quality care for people of all ages at Dreamtime Dentistry Dental Group in Carlsbad Village, California.

Dr. Watkins earned his dental degree from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in Loma Linda, California. Driven by the desire to enhance the patient experience by providing sedation dentistry, he pursued studies in anesthesiology after graduating from dental school.

He completed his anesthesiology training at the anesthesiology department and internal medicine department at the Riverside University Health System - Medical Center in Moreno Valley, California, the anesthesiology department of Loma Linda University Medical Center, and the Surgery Center for Dentistry at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry.

In his practice, Dr. Watkins offers a variety of anesthetics with a special emphasis on general anesthesia and IV sedation. He also enjoys making personal connections with his patients and providing continuous care over the course of their lifetimes. As a father of three, he is exceptionally skilled in working with children.

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